Regional Association of Municipalities Central Stara Planina (RAM Central Stara Planina) is a membership based organisation gathering 15 municipalities – Antonovo, Apriltsi, Gabrovo, Dryanovo, Elena, Letnitsa, Lovech, Lukovit, Omurtag, Sevlievo, Teteven, Troyan, Tryavna, Ugarchin and Yablanitsa – with a total population of 350000.

Since the establishment in 1997 RAM Central Stara Planinahas been active in supporting the local authorities, it advocates their interests andpromotes the good governance at the local level.

Before Bulgaria entering the European Union the activities of RAM Central Stara Planina has been funded by the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC), the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), the PHARE Programme and the members.

 Recently RAM Central Stara Planina  has gained considerable experience in planning and implementation of European partnership projects funded by the EU structural funds and other donor programmes i.e. INTERREG ІVC, Europe for Citizens, Youth in Action, Non-state actors and local authorities in development”, Operational Programme Human Resources Development, etc.  Under these projects different topics are discussed, solutions found, and good practices exchanged in the fields of environmental protection, gender equality, tourism, migration, public-private partnership, intermunicipal and interregional partnership, town-twinning, European integration, economic development, good local governance, citizens participation, volunteering, sustainable development, creative industries, social entrepreneurship, decentralized cooperation, etc.

 RAM Central Stara Planina is a reliable and trustworthy partner on a national and international level.

      stimulate the member municipalities to cooperate and share experience with municipalities within and outside the European Union

      provide information and constant exchange of good practices via information bulletin, and thematic publications

      contribute to the capacity building and experience improvement of the local authorities

      organize seminars, conferences and discussion forums on topical municipal policy and governance issues

      support the economic growth of Central Stara Planina Region

      plan and implement projects with wide range of local, regional, national and European partners

      support the municipalities in making the most of the EU funds

      improve the public access to information about EU policies and initiatives that directly affect the life of the citizens  

      encourage the involvement of young people in the creation of the EU future

      establish contacts with foreign partners

General Assembly

The supreme decision-making body of the Association is the General Assembly. It holds sessions at least once a year. The resolutions of the Assembly are mandatory for the Governing Board and the Executive Director. Each member municipality is represented by 3 persons and has respectively 3 votes in the General Assembly.

Governing Board

The operative management of the Association is accomplished by a 5-member Governing Board elected every four years by the General Assembly. It is responsible for the execution of the resolutions of the General Assembly and reports annually on its proceedings.

Executive Director

The management of the activities of the Association is confided to the Executive Director of RAM Central Stara Planina.


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